Kelsey Irvin, ‘STORYLINE CHROME XXIII’, Exhibit by Aberson

Kelsey Irvin's piece Storyline Chrome XXIII is a brown, grey, blue and black contemporary abstract piece made with vintage ephemera, oil, acrylic, graphite, and resin on panel that measures 72 x 6 and is priced at $2,500.

Kelsey Irvin’s work is collecting traces of peoples lives. Her work is very much related to memories and storylines. Her admired artists are Antoni Tàpies, and Andrew Wyeth with their deep work of nostalgia and bringing life to the overlooked. Irvin is driven to bring new life to objects that may otherwise be lost and deteriorated in time. The challenge she seeks is to maintain a balance between working with such old objects and recreating them in a contemporary artwork that holds the test of time.

From Antoni Tàpies to Andrew Wyeth, I’ve admired artists with a deep sense of nostalgia. Their ability to bring life to the overlooked inspires me to the core.

The hats are a form of portraiture, each as unique as the person who chooses to wear it. The figures are often subtle beauties. This is another balance between the old and the new. Vintage elements expressed in contemporary times. These women tend to resemble those of the past. Their body language is more classic, less presumptuous, and their faces sometimes hidden. The hats they wear allow for anonymity and subtlety while expressing confidence and beauty at the same time.”

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