Kelsey Shultis, ‘Schwarz Süssigkeiten’, 2017, Tappan

Kelsey Shultis creates sculptural oil paintings that explore strength through thick texture and aggressive movement. In her new work, both on paper and canvas, she invites her subconscious mind to take the lead, with color and composition choices based on the artist’s feeling in the moment. She relies on mistakes and unintentional actions for inspiration.

“Sometimes I'll work a painting so much that I can lose the impulse that led me to it, or the window in which it wants to stay. The works on paper and small canvas don't allow me to overthink gesture too much, and in that constriction I can be more free. They are whimsical improvisations.” - Kelsey Shultis

Signature: Signed by the artist.

About Kelsey Shultis

based in Detroit, MI, United States