Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, ‘1.6sec’, 2016, Nam June Paik Art Center

Seoul-based artist Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, working in various mediums such as film, video, photography and installation, focuses on the areas where an individual’s narrative overlaps with that of a group’s. 1.6sec begins from the labor dispute caused by a 1.6 sec reduction in the robotic assembly line in an automobile factory. The amount of this reduction, though very small, required a lot of effort and pain from workers to keep up with the accelerated speed. The artist discovered that because the human’s time is different from the robot’s, the sensors or motors of robots are much more efficient than man’s labor in a factory. Unlike the common expectation regarding lifeless machines vs. organic humans, those who look the most vibrant in the factory are robots, and the pale inanimate faces are mostly humans’. Is it really true that humans feel more and is more creative than robots? Maybe aren’t we a being who just belongs to a system or society and mechanically behaves in the predicted manner?

About Kelvin Kyung Kun Park