Kemal Seyhan, ‘Solitude’, 2016, Pi Artworks Istanbul/London

Image rights: Photography: © CHROMA

About Kemal Seyhan

In a manner reminiscent of Minimalism, painter Kemal Seyhan restricts his creative process to a rigid series of rules that he applies with little to no variation. Whether working in oil-on-canvas or graphite-on-paper, he begins with black, making vertical and horizontal marks across his surface. Seyhan eschews any perspective or depth, avoiding topological relations between areas of paint, such as symmetry, tonality, patterns, or shapes, instead treating the surface as a stratified zone of color. The intention is to prompt a direct visual relationship between the spectator and the composition, unmediated by any external experience of the world.

Turkish, b. 1960, Kayseri, Turkey, based in Istanbul and Vienna

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