Ken Kewley, ‘Young Girl with Daisies (After Renoir)’, 2005, International Collage Center

Collection International Collage Center

Image rights: © Ken Kewley / Image provided by International Collage Center

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About Ken Kewley

Ken Kewley describes his own approach as one that has “no color theory, only love of color.” Kewley makes small-format paintings and collages using a style of abstracted representation that reduces the subjects’ forms into planes of color. For works on canvas, he applies paint in broad strokes using a palette knife; in his collages, he cuts various shapes of solid colors from magazine pages to be used for mosaic-like compositions. Kewley’s work in both mediums is informed by the history and traditions of painting, and many of his works pay tribute to his influences through re-interpretation. Examples include Still Life After Braque (2003), Sonia (After Derain) (2001-5) and Judith with the Head of Holofernes (after Giorgione) (2005); he also made a suite of collages after paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

American , b. 1953, Battle Creek, Michigan, based in New York, New York