Kenjiro Okazaki, ‘Green walnut, sour quince, blow them away...’, 2017, Takuro Someya Contemporary Art

Green walnut, sour quince, blow they away. There is no more moisture in my mouth, and my tongue melted like a candle in the fire of language that blew upon it. Afterwards I took sixty-five naps, and so I licked the inside of my skull, and was able to know the sweetness of the dew trickling down in the interior of my consciousness. A gust of wind tore apart the fog, a ray of light streaked in, the dewdrops sparkled off the blades of grass, and what fulfilled the various shapes of all the leaves and stalks and flowers was a single, complete nectar.

Image rights: ©Kenjiro Okazaki, Courtesy of Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Photo: Shu Nakagawa

Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017

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