Kenneth Noland, ‘Bravo Costa Brava, No.6’, 1983, Mark Borghi Fine Art

One of the pioneers of Color Field painting, Kenneth Noland is known for geometric compositions articulated in blocks of flat, saturated color. ‘Bravo Costa Brava, No. 6,’ marks a shift in the artist’s practice prompted by a visit to artist Luis Remba’s innovative printmaking studio, the Taller de Grafica Mexicana in Mexico City. There, Noland began to experiment with painted monotypes. In this work, the artist embossed hand-made paper with diamond shapes and then colored the composition by hand. The strikingly original work carries Noland’s mastery of geometry into an innovative medium.

Minneapolis; Flanders Contemporary Art. Kenneth Noland: Works on Paper 1978-1985, September – October 1986

Flanders Contemporary Art, Minneapolis
Collection of Marion and Irving Apple
Acquired from the above by the present owner

About Kenneth Noland

An innovative colorist, Kenneth Noland began his career as an Abstract Expressionist, became one of the first practitioners of Color Field painting as part of the Washington Color School, and ultimately embraced a Minimalist approach that comprised vivid color and simple geometric shapes. His most iconic works are subtly direct compositions of chevrons, concentric circles, stripes, and diamonds, such as Pent (1966). Noland also pioneered the use of shaped canvases, painting on increasingly asymmetrical canvases that rendered the edge of equal compositional importance to the center.

American, 1924-2010, Asheville, North Carolina