Kentaro Hiramatsu, ‘Park-r-1’, 2015, Susan Eley Fine Art

About Kentaro Hiramatsu

Japanese artist Kentaro Hiramatsu lives in New York City where he is surrounded by the urban environments that are reflected in his paintings. Combined with influences drawn from his heritage, such as manga and anime figures of the Japanese pop cartoon culture, these landscapes are portrayed in digitized, pixelated, tangled webs of reinvented reality. Skylines, skyscrapers, urban stadiums, and street grids are mixed with abstracted human figures, ultimately relating the environment to the people who inhabit it. With concise brushwork and a refined color palette, Hiramatsu paints with acrylic on either canvas or wood. Though complex in their compositions, his paintings are rendered with the utmost digital precision.

Japanese, based in New York, New York