All Ready Maid Betwixt and Between (Hallo Vita)
All Ready Maid Betwixt and Between (Hallo Vita)

About Kerstin Brätsch

“Question the wall itself” is one of Kerstin Brätsch's maxims, which the artist follows by creating and installing works that disturb conventional methods of display. Her abstract oil paintings are done on thick pieces of paper hung on the wall with magnets, countering the standard arrangement of canvases in frames. Some paintings are inscribed with bits of text lifted from mass media, while others feature heavily applied black brushstrokes that resemble the cryptic design of a Rorschach test. Often hanging adjacent to such works are the artist's Mylar posters, whose imagery frequently references the paintings. Sheets of colored Plexiglas may jut out at perpendicular angles from the wall or hang from the ceiling, suggesting the modular arrangements of showrooms or art fairs. Such installations blur the boundaries between an artwork and its method of exhibition.

German, b. 1979, Hamburg, Germany, based in New York, New York

Group Shows on Artsy

The Radiants, Bortolami, New York
Out of the Blue, Cortesi Gallery, Lugano