Kevin Finklea, ‘White Room #9’, 2007, Margaret Thatcher Projects

About Kevin Finklea

Focused on the subtleties of color and form, Kevin Finklea produces minimalist paintings and wall-relief sculptures that encourage slowness and contemplation, deliberately out-of-step with the pace of contemporary life. As he acknowledges, this aim to slow both viewers and the viewing process “flies in the face of much of contemporary culture. A culture that…is hyper-mediated and completely over-technologized. I believe it [is] both necessary and slightly perverse to make something that demands someone to slow down and spend time with the work.” In his meticulously considered paintings, Finklea explores the interplay of translucency and opacity by overlaying colored squares onto pigmented grounds, whose surfaces shift with the light. Similarly, his sculptures, formed of salvaged wooden scraps shaped into squares and rectangles and richly painted, change with the light and the angle of viewing, requiring, and rewarding, patient observation.

American, b. 1958, Philadelphia, PA, United States, based in Philadelphia, PA, United States