Kevin Harman, ‘High Land Clearing’, 2017, Ingleby Gallery

About Kevin Harman

Best known for his guerrilla-style interventions into public space, Kevin Harman has also produced sculpture, drawings, prints, and films. His performance work Brick (2009) involved the artist putting a scaffolding pole through the window of an Edinburgh art gallery; Harman sent a polite legal letter to the gallery telling them they had been “selected for my eagerly awaited 2009 winter project Brick,” thereby reversing the roles between gallery and artist. For his “Skip” series, begun in 2007, Harman visits construction skips in the cover of night and rearranges the contents into symmetrical piles, organizing the industrial waste according to color and form. He has also produced spare, abstract acrylic-on-paper paintings and sculptures that incorporate found objects.

Scottish, b. 1982, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom