Kevin Snipes, ‘Oubliette’, 2014, Duane Reed Gallery
Kevin Snipes, ‘Oubliette’, 2014, Duane Reed Gallery

About Kevin Snipes

Chicago-based artist Kevin Snipes spans the junction between two- and three-dimensional art, creating ceramic objects that become the surfaces for his paintings. Pulling from the history of Outsider Art, Snipes creates his work in a way that is intuitive and based on his personal experiences. His unconventional shapes stem from formal experiments, and they often seem to reference the body, a relationship underscored by the complex cartoon-like figures he draws by carving into their surfaces. “I think of my works as sort of snow globes,” Snipes has said. “You can see all angles. But with a vessel, you have to turn it around to see a different perspective. The sides are separated.”

United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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