Khaled Zaki, ‘The Man in a Nap’, 2015, Hafez Gallery

About Khaled Zaki

Though he is one of the most prominent contemporary Egyptian artists, Khaled Zaki didn't plan to study art in Egypt—he had intended to pursue a career in business before discovering his affinity for sculpture. Zaki received the majority of his artistic training in Italy, reinforced by his experience assisting a variety of artists; he has also received mentorship from Egyptian artists, including Zakaria Al Khonani and Aida Abdel Karim. Zaki's early career saw the artist produce classically informed and representational figures. More recently, his works have become more abstract and geometric in form, but still feature human and animal subjects, sometimes fused with plant-like or fantastical forms. Time is a recurring motif in Zaki’s work, often embodied in clock-related imagery.

Egyptian, b. 1964, Suez, Egypt, based in Suez, Egypt

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