Kim Buck, ‘Puffed up, vase’, 2017, Galerie Rosemarie Jäger

Puffed Up
I am a member of a group in Denmark, 'Danish Silversmiths'. As a jeweler and not a silversmith I find is very challenging and inspiring, for every exhibition with this group, to find new ways of making hollow forms without using the traditional tecniques and tools - hammering and the hammer. This is what led me into this technique - to blow something up - or to puff up. In Danish 'opblæst' which is also something that describes a personality. For my jewelry pieces I have used the title 'Pumpous' which is an english word that does not exist but is made up by combining pompous and pump up - pumpous. 'Puffed' up means the same as the Danish 'opblæst'.

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