Kim Cridler, ‘Field Study 6’, 2011, Lisa Sette Gallery

About Kim Cridler

Trained as a metalsmith, sculptor Kim Cridler explores the history of metalworking and functional design within the world of contemporary art. Inspired by a family heirloom—a Russian samovar—Cridler began creating works using the familiar iconography of vases and urns. She creates “skeletal maps” of objects: grid-like structures that define a form or volume through welded wire ribs in steel and bronze, embellished with botanical or geometrically inspired designs to add ornamentation and a sensual or emotional element. “People have this perception that metalsmith work… is separated from the rest of culture, but it's not,” she has said. “It's in the trophy cups you win at a race; it's in the souvenir spoon you pick up at the Grand Canyon and in the wedding bands you buy with your significant other.”

American, b. 1968