Kim Dong Yoo, ‘Marilyn Monroe (John F. Kennedy)’, 2016, Leehwaik Gallery

About Kim Dong Yoo

Kim Dong Yoo plays with perception in meticulously composed paintings that are never quite what they seem. He principally focuses on two celebrated series: “Double Images,” featuring large-scale canvases encompassing multiple images that are revealed as viewers shift position; and “Face,” iconic portraits of celebrities throughout history, composed of hundreds of tiny, individual portraits of other famous figures, rendered entirely by hand. These works merge his interests in the history of painting, world history—especially WWII and the postwar period—and celebrity culture. “I have a preference for celebrities as the main subject of my art,” he explains. “I have loved movies and gossip about the actors since my childhood.” In his works, Kim goes deeper than gossip, making the familiar extraordinary and challenging us to see the world through an alternative lens.

Korean, b. 1965, Gwangju, South Korea