Kim Keever, ‘Abstract 11284b’, 2014, Adamson Gallery

Signature: Artist label with artist signature, date, and edition number.

Image rights: Kim Keever

Publisher: Adamson Editions Washington DC

Published by Adamson Editions, Washington DC.

About Kim Keever

Initially, Kim Keever’s lush, large-scale photographs of moody landscapes look like they were produced by the Hudson River School painters or the French or German Romantics: sublime, vast, and timeless. Upon closer inspection, cracks in the illusionism appear, as Keever’s landscapes are actually detailed miniature scenes that he builds himself, places in a 200-gallon tank, submerges in water, and photographs. Keever is interested in the combination of artifice and naturalism in landscape painting and how this has shaped our perception of nature.

American, b. 1955, New York, New York