Kim Luttrell, ‘Dylan’, 2010, Susan Eley Fine Art

About Kim Luttrell

Though she experiments with a constantly evolving style, Brooklyn-based artist Kim Luttrell maintains consistency in her inspirations. Luttrell was raised in Kentucky, where she developed a childhood tendency for collecting that remains with her today, evidenced by her use of cards, record albums, advertisements, and other found objects in her work. Recent projects have involved cutting and reassembling cards to ultimately redefine their meaning. This labor-intensive process unites fragments to form a greater image, often with profound political or philosophical messages. In other work, Luttrell collects paint chips scraped from her clothes (used as a palette) which she combines into abstract sculptures. These pieces taken on erratic, abstracted forms of nature and humans, depicted in a seemingly infinite color palette. Another previous body of work portrayed celebrity portraits with enlarged faces in a style likened to Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

American, b. 1965, Kentucky, based in Brooklyn, New York