Kimber Smith, ‘Untitled Abstract Expressionist work on Paper’, ca. 1979, Alpha 137 Gallery
Kimber Smith, ‘Untitled Abstract Expressionist work on Paper’, ca. 1979, Alpha 137 Gallery

This is a beautiful, unique signed acrylic work on paper by renowned Abstract Expressionist painter Kimber Smith. This work was acquired from the Estate of Dr. Alan York of East Hampton. Dr. York (who died in 2014) became good friends with Kimber Smith and many of the Ab Ex artists who frequented and lived in the Hamptons in the 1950s through the 1980s. In fact, one of the obituaries on Dr. York notes that he was also de Kooning's longtime optometrist and close personal friend. In a tribute to Dr. York, the East Hampton star writes, "He counted among his patients the artist Willem de Kooning, with whom he spent hours discussing the old masters while watching him paint. Understanding how de Kooning painted helped him make glasses suitable for both his close-up and faraway work..."
This work is unframed and in very good condition. Uncommon.

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Signature: Signed boldly on the front in ink

Estate of Dr. Alan York of East Hampton, New York

About Kimber Smith

Abstract Expressionist Kimber Smith painted subtle compositions of washy colors and shapes. Although perhaps better known for his friendships with Helen Frankenthaler and Joan Mitchell, Smith forged a distinct, intensely personal style, employing an original lexicon of forms and marks—circles and arcs, zigzags and angles. Although aligned with the aesthetic and techniques of Color Field painting and Abstract Expressionism, Smith’s preoccupation with symbols and structure was distinctive. “Structure interests me…it holds things together,” he said. “I am often called a colorist, which is maybe true, but I couldn’t care less about color.”

American, 1922-1981, Boston, Massachusetts

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