Kimerlee Curyl, ‘FREEDOM VANISHING’, Exhibit by Aberson


Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, SD 2013
A beautiful Sulpher Springs Mare, a descendant from the first round up in the Sulpher Springs HMA in Utah back in the 90's. These horses carry powerful DNA similar to the primitive Iberian horses the Sorria. The HMA is known for harsh and rugged terrain, the horses although smaller in stature are hardy, strong and distinctively Spanish with strong leg markings and dorsal stripes. While out with this herd on their hundreds of protected acres in South Dakotas Black Hills, this mare, whom at first glance, I thought to be a stallion, had a presence of strength, wisdom and vigilance. Like the protective stallions in the wild, every time I looked up, turned around or moved through the herd I would find her near me. She represents so much strength yet the vulnerability to the timely and pressing issue these horses are facing...extinction...their Freedom Vanishing.

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