Kimerlee Curyl, ‘The Great Divide II’, Exhibit by Aberson


Returning to the area after the 2011 round up, one never knows what to expect. I'm grateful that the horses I saw were healthy and vibrant. I was also elated to see some familiar older mare, that I really did not think would escape capture was still alive and kicking with a healthy feisty young colt at her side. What a significant gift to witness. The sex ratios were very much askew; I have never seen so many older bachelor bands in all the years I have been venturing out. EVER. Due to this there were also an extraordinary amount of injuries from the challenging stallions. Injuries are part of life in the wild; I'm no stranger to that; however this trip I saw more than the comfortable amount. I felt so much pride being back here for the 3rd time, and just weeks after adopting a beautiful young gelding from this area. This vast beautiful American landscape was his home and the horses there his family.

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