Kimerlee Curyl, ‘UNICORN’, Exhibit by Aberson

Unicorn ~ Salt Wells, WY, 2011
You wouldn’t think finding white (grey) stallions is difficult but it actually is. I have seen a stunning older one while I was in Utah years ago. But had not come across another one since. So making the decision to head to Adobe Town, the area is known for grey horses the drive for hours began. Calculating time and distance incorrectly, we made the decision to turn back and get to more horses before light was lost. Driving down the dirt road and coming to a crest in the hill there he was, I gasped for air as I had just uttered
he words ...“Guess I’m not going to see my unicorn today”. He didn’t move
a muscle as the truck came to a quick and hard stop. He simply turned back and stared. Standing there, calm and observant. As I approached very slowly, he moved off and up the road veering left...I felt that I could so I followed. He came to a stop and looked down below; there in a small little gully was his herd: four beautiful grey mares, four gorgeous yearlings and four foals. It was as if he took me there to see them and I felt like I was in the Chronicles of Narnia. His family embodied the same qualities, confident, unconcerned, calm and gentle. After showing me his mares he literally crossed right in
front of me and then over to a plateau of rocks as if showing me his domain. Its always the strongest and wisest of stallions who barely have a mark on them and hold such a high and noble place in the hierarchy of their world. That was most certainly this stallion, this unicorn, this knight in shining armour of a strong mustang. This area had been rounded up just 10 months prior to my visit and to see a herd so calm after 2,010 of their brothers and sisters had been ripped away from an area that covers 1.5 million acres of protected public land was astounding. Only 365 horses are allowed to roam free on that vast landscape. He is Vanishing Grace if we don’t do something in their behalf.

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