Kimerlee Curyl, ‘WADING THROUGH LIFE’, Exhibit by Aberson

Shackleford Banks, NC 2014
A barrier island located off of the coast of North Carolina is home to a herd of about 100 wild horses known as “the Banker horses”. These horses are of Spanish decent and trace back to the horses that had survived shipwrecks many years ago. These hardy horses survive intense conditions, hurricanes, swimming through channels to get to other banks of grass, salt water, wild grasses that grow in sand. It was amazing to see the way they have adapted
to the environment around them. Another testament to the horses, a creature
who works with the elements mother nature provides and remains a survivor. The world around them is in complete contrast to the wild horses of the west, and yet still they are thriving. Immersed in the ocean shooting back towards the banks where this herd was enjoying the tall grasses is a moment I can never forget. Thankfully these herds are watched over and protected and in no fear of round up or removal. A birth control drug called PZP is used to keep the herds viable and stable, and the horses living naturally.

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