Kinke Kooi, ‘Searching for Support’, 2010, Fleisher/Ollman

Not for sale.

About Kinke Kooi

“My choice of subject matter always originates from a personal fascination, even though I might be terribly embarrassed about it,” says Kinke Kooi, who in her meticulously detailed paintings, drawings, and mixed-media compositions embraces the overlooked, abject, silly, and surreal, as well as notions of femininity and masculinity. Formed of an abundance of painstakingly drawn fine lines, which lend her images a sense of mass and dimensionality, her subject matter includes undulating landscapes, animals, human (especially female) figures and body parts, caves, cavities, and interstitial spaces of all kinds. These are often rendered in a monochromatic palette of orange or pink, which heightens the soft, fleshy appearance of her work, and Kooi’s unabashedly feminine, and feminist, approach.

Dutch, b. 1961, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, based in Arnhem, Netherlands