Kiyoshi Saito, ‘June, Kamakura (Hydrangea Flowers at Hasedera)’, 1971, Japan Society Benefit Auction 2016

A prominent figure from the sosaku hanga (creative print) movement, the self-taught Kiyoshi Saitō designed, carved, and printed all of his woodblock prints himself instead of relying upon a more traditional mode of divided labor in print ateliers. Saitō is well-known around the world for his realistic depictions of his hometown Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture. As his style matured, he began to mix modern representational elements to produce flattened two-dimensional depictions of various temples and flora around Japan. This print highlights the famous ajisai hydrangeas of the Buddhist temple Hasedera in Kamakura, which draw large crowds for viewing in the summer months.


Signature: Signed.

Image rights: Courtesy of Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Michiko Levine

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