Klaus Mosettig, ‘Informel 2’, 2014, Belvedere 21

Courtesy Sammlung Hainz, Vienna

About Klaus Mosettig

Klaus Mosettig painstakingly reproduces projected images in pencil-on-paper. His description of his work as “simply realistic drawing” belies his virtuosity and the time commitment required to create his images, among which are meticulously reproduced paintings by Jackson Pollock and photographs taken during the Apollo 11 moon landing. In other work, Mosettig has aimed an empty slide projector at his paper, switching on a lamp and tracing the dust, dirt, and scratches on the lens surface. His method is empirical rather than representational, concerned primarily with the act of drawing itself and the objective relay of visual information from projection to paper, via his hand. The transcribed images lose their historical contexts and become studies in tone and line.

Austrian, b. 1975, Graz, Austria, based in Vienna, Austria

Group Shows

xhibit Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, 
Vienna, Austria,
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