Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope, ‘Humbled Memory Mumble Melody’, 2011, Robert Fontaine Gallery

For the past year, street artist Know Hope's work has revolved around the story of an un-named figure, whom he sees as the visual manifestation of human vulnerability. The re-occurring figure is used as a way for the viewer to create a "long-term relationship", so to speak, with the character. Through different stages and situations of despair, hope and discovery, the narrative is an ever-developing one. The majority of his pieces are made out of cardboard, a choice based not only on the aesthetics of the medium, but on the essence of the material. Cardboard is often used to make boxes, to contain objects and transfer them from one place to the other, only to be discarded immediately after- it is always available, somebody else's trash.
Know Hope (alias) was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1986. He is known for his distinctive 'puppet' character subsequently lit from within by small lanterns. His first solo exhibition 'Temporary Residence' was held at Gallery Anno Domini (AD) in San Jose, California in 2008. Subsequent exhibitions include 'Insecurities of Time' at Ad Hoc in New York in 2009, followed by 'There Is Nothing Dear (Nothing Is Too Much Dear' at Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto a year later. He has created multimedia installations in Norway, Israel, Croatia, Gambia (as part of the Wide Open Walls or WOW Project), the United Kingdom and the U.S. His first publication entitled Bound By The Ties was released this year in a limited edition of 1,000 copies containing drawings, photographs and written/sketched notes accompanying 160 full-color images.Know Hope is currently based in Tel Aviv.

Signature: Signed Numbered Framed

About Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope

Declaring, “I hope to move heavy hearts at least one inch to the side by confessing that I'm petrified [of] and secretly in love with the world,” Know Hope has been bringing his heartfelt images of human struggle and promise to urban streets and gallery spaces since 2004. His narrative street art, murals, assemblages, and site-specific installations are based on observations of himself and his surroundings. Hope lives in Tel Aviv and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with its associated issues of identity, borders, and shared humanity, informs his work—though he insists that he is not a political artist. Composed of detritus and building materials, including wood, bricks, and weathered paper, Know Hope’s compositions are populated by a lanky everyman who wears his heart on his sleeve and stands for the precarious and precious connections between fellow human beings.

Israeli American, b. 1986, Los Angeles, CA, based in Tel Aviv, Israel