Knowledge Bennett, ‘Marilyn BPW’, 2017, Roman Fine Art

Signature: Signed

About Knowledge Bennett

Inspired by 1960s Pop Art, Knowledge Bennett remixes Andy Warhol’s iconic silkscreens with the celebrities of today, creating graphic portraits of Rihanna, Kanye West, and Donald Trump that range from playful to political. Bennett is most known for his “Cojones” series, which casts audacious figures in a crotch-grabbing pose, appropriated from Janette Beckman’s 1989 photograph of Hip Hop artist Slick Rick. “In today’s world of social media saturation, people’s attention spans are at an all time low,” explains Bennett, “The visual artist must present something so arresting, enabling his/her statement to literally stop people in their tracks.”

American, b. 1976, Asbury Park, New Jersey, based in Los Angeles, California

Group Shows

Gallery Guichard, 
Chicago, IL, USA,
Beauty of Diversity