Kobi Israel, ‘Interval 6.3’, 2011, Hamiltons Gallery

About Kobi Israel

Whether photographing landscapes, people, or moments from his own life, Kobi Israel makes autobiographical work, using the camera to explore his identity and its echoes in the surrounding world. As he describes: “I use the camera as an extension of my body and senses […]. When I ‘photograph,’ I ask, I feel, I explore, I fantasize, I discover, I try to understand.” Israel began experimenting with photography in 1994, while working as a flight attendant. In 2002, he relocated to London, where he devoted himself to photography full-time, producing Views (2002), an exploration of the homoerotic undertones of his service in the Israeli army, and Fragments of Life (2001-05), autobiographical scenes reflecting his identity as a gay man. In these, as in all of his lush, evocative series, Israel documents his quest for self-definition and the ever-evolving nature of identity.

Israeli, b. 1970