Koen Delaere, ‘The Idea of Movie (a gigantic powerful explosive will towards ecstasy)’, 2017, Gerhard Hofland

Signature: signed and dated '2017' by the artist on the reverse of canvas

Image rights: Koen Delaere / Gerhard Hofland, Amsterdam

About Koen Delaere

Koen Delaere produces abstract, heavily textured mixed-media paintings on canvas that stem from his interest in the unending possibilities of his materials and his desire to engage viewers in his art-making process. Favoring his process over his finished works, he makes more than 100 paintings a year that are based on various sets of self-imposed parameters. As he works, he discards most of his compositions, saving only a handful that he considers finished and fit for display. These finished works possess impasto surfaces, striated with vertical or horizontal brushstrokes and stained with patches of color. In Delaere’s words: “I’m really interested in method and formal aspects of art, so what I do is I set…rules for myself [by] which I’m going to make a series of works. And then within those rules I try to discover [freedom].”

Dutch, b. 1970, Bruges, Belgium, based in Tilburg, Netherlands