Koen Vanmechelen, ‘Salvator Globe’, 2008, Deweer Gallery

The Salvator Globe goes back to a centuries old power-symbol, the imperial globe. Vanmechelen combines this symbol with the cock we see on our church-towers. The golden cock has left the cross and is standing on top of the globe. Another layer of meaning in this work is created by the duality in the configuration. The crossed globe becomes the universal symbol for femininity or for all that is creative or fertile.

Koen Vanmechelen - Cosmopolitan Chicken, Diversity, Tournay Solvay Regional Park, Brussels, Belgium, 2010
Rappel - een artistieke tocht door het geheugen van Maaseik, Belgium, 10 July until 5 September 2010
Dat de verte nabijer dan ooit was, Poëziezomer Watou, Watou, Belgium, 2008

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