Kolkoz, ‘"Portraits arabes" (L'Origine du Monde)’, Perrotin

About Kolkoz

Working under the moniker “Kolkoz” since the early 1990s, French duo Samuel Boutruche (born 1972) and Benjamin Moreau (born 1973) explore the intersection of the real and the virtual, crafting complex installations and playful public interventions. The art world will be most recently familiar with Kolkoz for their major public works at Miami Beach the past two Decembers—in 2012, Lunar Park transformed a stretch of the beach into a soccer pitch that mimicked the site of the first lunar landing, while 2013’s Curiosity was an inflatable, snow-covered Swiss chalet that floated amongst the modernist architecture of Miami’s harbor. Always looking to upend the relationship between art and viewer, Kolkoz’s works inside the gallery include framed sculptural forms made entirely from frames themselves, and a photographic series of the duo posing as tourists in front of famous artworks around the world.

French, 1972 and 1973, Avranches, France, based in Paris, France