Konrad Cramer, ‘Landscape with Cliff’, ca. 1918-20, Gerald Peters Gallery

Photo-certificate signed by the artist’s daughter, Aileen B Cramer on file

Estate of the Artist.

Private Collection, Minneapolis

About Konrad Cramer

Konrad Cramer was an active painter, photographer, printer, and illustrator. Drawing influence from Blaue Reiter members Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc, his early work embodied the abstraction and movement of German Expressionism, a style that he helped spread in the United States as a founder of the Woodstock Art Association. Cramer later moved towards a cubist-realist style, the geometry of his landscapes and still lifes of fruits and household objects revealing the influence of Paul Cézanne and folk art. A close comrade of Alfred Stieglitz, Cramer is considered an early pioneer of American modernism.

American, 1888-1963, Wurzburg, Germany