Konrad Smoleński, ‘It's Bigger Than Me’, 2012, West Den Haag
Konrad Smoleński, ‘It's Bigger Than Me’, 2012, West Den Haag
Konrad Smoleński, ‘It's Bigger Than Me’, 2012, West Den Haag

It's Bigger Than Me is a sculpture, a monumental figure, albeit minimalistic in shape, resembling a speaker casing or a simplified head which through vibration becomes at the same time a source of sound. Inside there are frequency generators producing the physical sensation of signal reception, which is especially strong from a close distance. Consisting mainly of low tones, the composition was made with the aid of a programme used by sound engineers to check the acoustics of a concert hall. Such low tones can carry over long distances. What you hear is a monotonous drone of the type that could be sent out from a distant factory. Here several tracks are superimposed on one another; as a result the sound is at some points pleasantly harmonious and at others starkly dissonant.

Image rights: Image courtesy of the artist, West, and Leto Gallery.

About Konrad Smoleński

Konrad Smoleński describes his work as a mix of “spectacular pyrotechnic effects” and “minimal punk aesthetic.” Smoleński’s works frequently have an audio component, which might take the form of noise, music, or noise music. Speakers and microphones are also frequent motifs in his installations, appearing in overwhelming configurations and quantities, often alongside combustible materials and flames. The artist has an openly anarchic disposition, which manifests in the works as a sense of anxiety, disorientation, and awe. Smoleński works in multiple mediums including photography, videos, installation, sculpture, and performance. He is also an active experimental musician, and performs in guerrilla concerts with his group BNNT.

Polish, b. 1977, based in Warsaw and Bern, Switzerland

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