Konstantin Grcic, ‘Shelf - Man Machine Collection’, 2014, Galerie kreo

About Konstantin Grcic

With his minimalist reassessments of conventional industrial objects, Konstantin Grcic emerged from the 1990s as one of the leading voices of industrial and furniture design. Trained in his native Germany as a furniture maker, Grcic understands the applications and mechanics of design, which translate to his simple forms and willingness to let materials dictate the object’s character. Increasingly, Grcic is interested in the role technology plays in daily life, leading him to create his iconic Chair One from 2004, an airy seat composed of thin, metal struts that form a web of triangle shapes. The chair was designed with a 3D-modeling program and fabricated with a die-cast, an unusual process for an object of its scale.

German, b. 1965, Munich, Germany