Kota Takeuchi, ‘Composition of "FURUSATO"’, 2010, SNOW Contemporary
Kota Takeuchi, ‘Composition of "FURUSATO"’, 2010, SNOW Contemporary

A rather violent act of hitting objects on a nameless street with a metal baseball bat somehow creates a musical composition of popular Japanese song called “Furusato (Home)”.

Signature: on the surface of USB Flash Memory

"Tomorrow is today I see for the first time"(2012) SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo/Japan
"THE 10th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists 2010"(2010) The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma/Japan

About Kota Takeuchi

Japanese, b. 1982, Hyogo, Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan

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Unveiling Vol.2, SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo