Kris Duys, ‘NT’, 2012, SEA Foundation

Nothing is what it seems. This title may apply to almost all the works of Kris Duys. (1959) What one perceives at first glance are still lifes or landscapes. With a renewed look the still lifes turn into landscapes and vice versa. These in turn, seem to dissolve into shadows and abstract forms that point out to a vague remembrance of a vase or a building. Within the same image work can appear flat or three dimensional and the perspective can change. Boundaries between abstraction and figuration are constantly broken and stretched. For Kris Duys there is little difference between figuration and abstraction. These differences exist only in the mind of the viewer. Reason enough for the artist to create a thoughtful and accurate play.

Signature: Signed with initials and year of production.

Image rights: Kris Duys, SEA Foundation