Kris Lemsalu, ‘Blanket 3’, 2016, Temnikova & Kasela

This “blanket-painting” uses kitschy fabrics. Kris Lemsalu usually bought them at the now defunct Baltic Station market and supplemented them by adding a bit of this and that. She used an idea that was derived from her work "Aldonza Lorenzo", which she completed in 2014. In that case, pairs of sheer pantyhose hung on forms taken from a jawbone that a friend had given her, and thus, Kris’s first “painting” was born. A jawbone-vagina in leopard-skin pants doing a split has planted itself on the head of bear innocently taking a break in the forest.

About Kris Lemsalu

Kris Lemsalu merges animals and humans, nature and culture, and abjection and beauty in her sculptures, installations, and performances. Her works are composed of found and handmade materials, including animal pelts, clothing, and food, and are centered around ceramic objects made by the artist, reflecting her training as a ceramist. Maximalist, visceral, and sexualized, Lemsalu’s pieces evoke the wild, bestial side of human beings and civilizations, and are underscored by feminist themes. She often inhabits her installations and sculptures for performances. In one performance, she laid beneath a ceramic tortoise shell for hours, with her head tucked inside and her arms and legs protruding from the openings. For a performance cheekily titled The Birth of Venus, Lemsalu donned a bodysuit made of stuffed pantyhose formed into exaggerated female body parts and “birthed” a giant white balloon.

Estonian, b. 1985, Estonian, based in Vienna, Austria