Kristin Beeler, ‘Buzz, Brooch ’, 2013, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross
Kristin Beeler, ‘Buzz, Brooch ’, 2013, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross

The imagery on the "Buzz" Brooch was hand-drawn in black ink on mother of pearl.

From the artist: "For a number of years, my work reflected an interest in beauty and the human relationship to it. The imagery and materials were driven by classical studies, nostalgia and physical anomalies. That work led to critical inquiry into two fundamental sources for understanding beauty: the human body and memory. This is the focus of my current research.

Our memories include our internal abstractions and thought patterns, the boundary of the skin with its own evidence of history and the external projections that are shaped by recorded events.

Memories are isolated stopping points along a continuum of interconnected events.
Portrait, shelter, bowl, table, garment, hanger are all extensions and echoes of the body; a collection and recollection of impulses and objects. They are precious, intimate, and related to the body.

In the mythologies of materials, the language of Tyvec, wood, silver, mother of pearl and charcoal contrast the opposing beauties of perfection and imperfection, permanence and ephemera, vulnerability and protection.

In the end, all that we are reduces down to our bodies and our memories."

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Signature: Signed by the artist.

Shadow Themes, R|R Gallery, September 8-October 16, 2016

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