Kristin Victoria Barron, ‘Serpent vessel’, 2013, Patrick Parrish Gallery

About Kristin Victoria Barron

An interior designer and the founder of Kriest Studio, Kristin Victoria Barron gives material form to what she sees in her dreams. Her debut collection of objects, “Orchis,” grew from Barron’s practice of shaping in clay the creatures she met while asleep, fashioning “talismans of sorts,” as she says, then turning them into vessels, lighting, and fixtures in polished brass and Aescelus wood. Barron also draws inspiration from childhood memories, primitive cave paintings, shamanic sculpture, and zoomorphic symbols such as the Ouroboros, a serpent devouring its tail. Barron’s constellation of reference points is wide-ranging, but evinces her preoccupation with the “aether element”, the realm of the fantastic.

American, based in New York, New York