Kristopher Benedict, ‘Clouds with Birds’, 2011, Nina Johnson

About Kristopher Benedict

Seeking to challenge himself and viewers by continually reinventing his approach to painting, Kristopher Benedict combines abstraction and figuration, and mixes a wide range of techniques and styles, in his energetic, colorful compositions. As he explains: “I see the perpetual building up and breaking down of images and painting structures as an apt analogy for the continued reinvention of my own painting practice.” The concept of transformation—of real life into painted images; ideas and emotions into color; narrative into shapes and forms; and of his own style of work—pervades and fuels his practice. Though Benedict’s output is diverse, themes of representation, belief, community, and isolation recur throughout his works. In Retreat (2008) and Aura (2005), he painted semi-abstract figures holding yoga poses—an apt visual metaphor for his own, ongoing artistic transformations.

American, b. 1978, Middletown, New York, based in New York, New York

Group Shows

Kristopher Benedict and Peter La Bier: Citygarden and Microscope