KRL KRL, ‘8 feelings ((8 mov. each 7K))’, 2015, LICHT FELD Gallery

KRL Comes from one of the most famous families in the usa. For our cooperation, we have decided to work only with their initials. On display at Context are 8 different videos.
In IDEAL, a naked woman dances, enjoying her own perfect body, acutely aware of being held under the male gaze but unfazed by it. The viewer is not permitted to see her fully, she is always out of reach. She belongs to herself alone, and not to the viewer.

In PLAN B, love and utter devastation co-exist in a girl clutching onto a life lost. Unsure if she is tormented by her loss or blissfully holding onto it's memory, she spins endlessly holding onto a memory that will never let her go.

In POLYESTER BRIDE, a young bride sits for her bridal portrait as she cycles endlessly through emotions about her impending marriage. The staging references vintage Sears bridal portraits which depict brides on the “best day” of their lives. Our bride begins with a smile on her face, but by the end is crumbling under the trappings of perfection, and the pressures of femininity and romantic love. It was inspired by my fascination with murdered actress Sharon Tate, and the mythology surrounding her seemingly “blissful” marriage to Roman Polanksi.

In BRIDEGROOM, a married couple ruminates on the state of themselves, and the blending of their parts. Is it really possible to hold onto the essence of who you are in a relationship? Or do we all lose ourselves?

In FEVER DREAM, a woman is locked in the throes of her fantasies -- at times both frightening and arousing.

FISH BABY. The framing of the bowl reduces a young boy to only his eyes, just watching. It brings to mind the question of, who is the subject and who is the object? Who is civilized and who is the uncivilized? Who is the animal?

BALDY depicts a man sucking on a pink, phallic lollipop. It evokes the idea of “you are what you eat”, and the fetishization and objectification of one’s own self.

SKULL KISS sees a woman locked in a sexual embrace with a black skull. Her tongue sinks into it's mouth and she holds it close as if she is actually in love, or lust with the skull. Represents the danger of all love, that with all love comes loss, with all life comes death. Love is a dangerous dance, every kiss is a kiss of death, a loss of self.

Image rights: KRL and LICHT FELD Gallery