Krzysztof Gierałtowski, ‘Leszek Kołakowski’, 2003, Ney Gallery & Prints

Krzysztof Gierałtowski a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers and the ZAiKS Polish Association of Writers and Composers. A corresponding member of the DGPh German Photographic Association.
The full CV containing information about grants, awards, works in collections, publications and exhibitions is available at My most important projects are currently the “Polish Individualities” Portfolio, presented in this catalogue, and the newest exhibition under the title “Portrait With No Face”.
This retrospective exhibition, comprising 150 black-and-white and colour photographs, was presented for the first time in the Royal Castle in Warsaw from September to November 2013. While referring to the achievements of my predecessors, it sums up forty years of my attempts to create a subjective portrait of the Polish intelligentsia.
Such a portrait is opposed to an identifying anthropomorphic photo, commonly required in today’s globalised world. In this most recent project, faces are formed by the camera lens, drowned in darkness or extremely illuminated. The portraits that emerge from overlapping negatives, showing silhouettes only, yield a contemporary picture of an individual, even though faces are blurred, covered or replaced by hands; a pars pro toto fragment of a face can be a portrait, too. Some photographs are made complete with ambiguous props, which allow the viewer to supplement the picture with their ideas. From the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the exhibition travelled to the National Museum in Wrocław, then to the History of Photography Museum in Cracow and to the National Museum in Lviv, Ukraine. I make every effort to promote “Portrait With No Face” in prominent European museums. I write, give lectures and workshops about creating a non-typical but insightful picture of an outstanding individual.
It makes me happy when I see in the media that my approach finds followers in the new generation of photographers.

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