Kueng Caputo, ‘Half Way to Universe Travertine Bowl’, 2016, Etage Projects

Tuscan travertine bowl with colored resin.

ONOFF reflects the experimental, playful yet meticulous artistic approach of designers Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo. The exhibited works include the Travertino objects - a series of stools and bowls that highlight the material quality not only through the boxy, cylindrical composition but by subverting traditional finishing processes and integrating colour. As with the hand dyed leather bowls or lamps with painted bulbs, the seemingly random colour burst are achieved through a multi-layered, non-reversible process that is built up one step at the time. Kueng Caputo's material adventures are often rooted in the complexities of crafts techniques, which are reconfigured to explore new dynamics between the minimal, the exuberant and the unexpected.

Kueng Caputo consists of Swiss-born Sarah Kueng (1981) and Lovis Caputo (1982). The studio is based in Zürich, Switzerland. Previous exhibitions include Salon 94, New York, Miami Basel, Frieze Art Fair, Bergdorf and Goodman and Dutch Design Week.

Dimensions: diameter 55 cm, height: 10 cm.

Series: ONOFF

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Salon 94 at Spring Masters New York 2015
Salon 94 at Design Miami/ Basel 2014