KÜHNE / KLEIN, ‘Oeil de Boeuf Jungle’, 2012, Pavel Zoubok Gallery


From thousands of car images spread across the floor, to paper airplanes made from financial transaction statements and suspended from the ceiling, to biomorphic sculptures made from reproduced food (like celery and pizza), to pastiches of Sandro Boticcelli’s Birth of Venus, Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroes, and everything in between—one never quite knows what to expect from Kühne/Klein. Nevertheless, themes of image repetition and scale manipulation frequently recur, and places—whether communicated through painted landscapes, nighttime photographs of a forest road illuminated by a car’s headlights, postcard collages, or an alternative world map fabricated from tourist brochures—figure centrally in their work.

1962 and 1956, Darmstadt, Germany, based in Basel, Switzerland

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