Kumie Tsuda, ‘a lake and white feet’, 2007, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Kumie Tsuda

Kumie Tsuda identifies her first awed encounter with Andy Warhol’s Silver Clouds (1966) as the moment she decided to work with installation and constructed environments. Tsuda’s primary mediums are terra cotta and, since 2004, carved and fired clay. She frequently returns to two forms: an anthropomorphic figure and a multi-faceted crystalline sphere, sometimes presented in conjunction. Many of her figures are missing features; according to the artist: “The idea is that things in a state of completion never express the total picture, and that things lacking something can represent wholeness.” In their final installation, her clay objects are often connected by lengths of string from the artist’s collection. Tsuda also has produced a series of drawings featuring everyday objects, made with glaze on pieces of fired clay; she arranges these in pairs that intentionally have no discernible associations.

Japanese, b. 1980