Kurt Steger, ‘L A Structures #9’, 2017, ODETTA
Kurt Steger, ‘L A Structures #9’, 2017, ODETTA
Kurt Steger, ‘L A Structures #9’, 2017, ODETTA
Kurt Steger, ‘L A Structures #9’, 2017, ODETTA

ODETTA is pleased to introduce the newest series of sculptures by Kurt Steger. L.A. Structures. The evolution of the Urban Structures series was inspired by a 2017 extended stay on a mountaintop in northeastern Los Angeles.

The views were reminiscent of his childhood as a native of Southern California. This extended visit reacquainted him with mountains, beaches, and deserts, all within reach and became a pilgrimage into the sources for his earliest artistic development. Steger’s appreciation of nature and an attraction to the progressive teachings of mid-century modernist architecture eventually drew me even further into the past, to traditional Zen gardens.

In L.A. Structures Steger’s return to these early influences of his life offer a pathway to the core ideas that have always shaped his work.

Kurt Steger makes art that is of service, intended for healing our inner nature. Steger believes that it is our job on this earth to step into our brilliance and his job as an artist to facilitate that with objects and images.

Steger is active in the Men's Movement and is interested in the shamanic role that the contemporary artist can embody in today's culture. No matter their diversity of material and method over the last 20 years, all of Steger's works employ a sense of motion, power, rugged sensitivity, and a sense of humor.

His most current output is obsessed with ephemerality –often incorporating self-combusting objects, inviting viewers to wake up, release their sense of denial, and heal.

In 2016 Steger’s solo exhibition at ODETTA, Scribing the Void, was commissioned and recreated for Coach’s flagship store and is permanently installed on the 2nd floor of their 5th Avenue and 54th Street location. In 2017, Steger was awarded a NYFA Fellowship Grant.

Series: L A Structures

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ODETTA, Appearance, Fall 2017

About Kurt Steger

American, b. 1960, based in New York, NY, United States