Kurt Steger, ‘Urban Structure #11’, 2015, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery
Kurt Steger, ‘Urban Structure #11’, 2015, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery
Kurt Steger, ‘Urban Structure #11’, 2015, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery
Kurt Steger, ‘Urban Structure #11’, 2015, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery

I have always been interested in the natural world and its interrelationship with the human psyche. My concern began at a young age, when I saw the “Crying Indian” commercial on TV, which warned against pollution and environmental loss. It touched me deeply, and my creative work is an expression of an ongoing concern for our planet.

My sculptures are constructed using traditional materials such as wood, paper, concrete, and steel. I often incorporate impermanent elements - ice, fire, erosion, and gravity - which leave their mark and allude to the passage of time. The stain left by the fugitive materials refers to the destruction of nature, and the devastating imprint that humans have imposed on the environment.

I was trained as a carpenter and woodworker. I value the beauty of craftsmanship, as well as the importance of ritual, and bring both elements into my work. Beyond the physicality of the object that I create, there are the invisible agents that speak to the heart. Working by hand, I combine knowledge and intuition, bridging the gap between mind and heart. My work addresses our need to reconnect with nature in order to heal the primal wounds of the human psyche.

Public Art Commissions

2010 The Elders, Public Commission Traffic Circle, Grass Valley, CA
2008 Emergence, Public Commission Reichmuth Park, Sacramento, CA
2006 Reflections, Public Commission Sacramento City Hall, Sacramento, CA

Selected Exhibitions

RECLAIMED: a solo show, ArtHelix, Brooklyn, NY
FLUX Art Fair, with ODETTA Gallery, Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem, NY (April-May)
Solo show at ODETTA Gallery, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY (July)

Structures: a group show curated by Keith Schweitzer, Manny Cantor Center, NY, NY

Lodge, City Drift, Portland, ME
Lodge, ArtHelix, Brooklyn, NY

Aftermath, Artifact, New York, NY
Sculpture and Recent Works, Les Yeux de Monde, Charlottesville, VA

Burden Boat Project, Smithsonian Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC
Silent Nature, Olin Hall, Roanoke College, Salem, VA

From the Forest Floor, Selden Gallery, Norfolk, VA

Primal States and Portals, Perspectives Gallery, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Burden Boat Project, Perspectives Gallery, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Mixed Response SDFA Gallery at The Jacksonville Center for the Arts Floyd, VA

Confluence of Form, Columbus Cultural Arts Center, Columbus, OH
Resurface, Quicksilver Mine Company, Forestville, CA

Rise & Fall, Site-specific installation, Gallery 131, Grass Valley, CA
(R)evolution, Gallery 555, Oakland Museum of California at City Center, Oakland, CA

Wingspan, Site-specific work, Foresight Foundation, Haines Gallery, Nevada City, CA

Weight of Time, Julie Baker Fine Art, Grass Valley, CA

Mixed Media Sculpture, Sonoma Museum of Visual Art, Santa Rosa, CA

Sculpture, Sagato Garo Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Mixed Mediums, Northern California Center of the Arts, Grass Valley, CA

Walking Stick Project, Cultural Arts Council of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, CA
Zen At Hand, The Artful Eye, Healdsburg, CA

Water and Wood, The Quicksilver Mine Company, Sebastopol, CA
Ancestral Witness, Arts Guild of Sonoma, Sonoma, CA

Altars To The Earth, Ren Brown Collection, Bodega Bay, CA

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About Kurt Steger

American, b. 1960, based in New York, NY, United States