Kwangho Lee, ‘"The Moment of Eclipse" (orange)’, 2015, Chamber

“The Moment of Eclipse” series started out in 2014 as a search after a moment when different materials meet (or join). Kwangho Lee lent the title for the series from a collection of science fiction stories "The Moment of Eclipse" by Brian Aldiss, written in 1969. Lee thought that the title suited well because of its dramatic expression. Previously Lee had worked with marble and marble, copper and enamel, steel and steel, which all tackle the idea of instant union moment. The shelf for Chamber is in a more developed stage, while still expressing the moment of eclipse. Lee here focuses on the kinetic movement of the Moon, Earth and Sun, rather than the union of materials. With the selected books on the shelf Lee hopes to suggest an infinite development, and how he himself has evolved.

Image rights: Guang Xu

About Kwangho Lee

With the motto “ordinary objects can become something else,” designer and artist Kwangho Lee makes handcrafted furniture, lighting, and jewelry from unexpected materials. Inspired by childhood memories of growing up on a farm with his grandparents, Lee uses humble materials and traditional techniques in new ways—as in his tables made from bundled rice straw and new interpretations of weaving. He has developed a way of knitting industrial materials to create lamps from tangles of extension cords, as well as the Obsession series of couches and stools made from woven garden hoses. In addition, his work revives endangered craft processes like chil-bo enamel, which he employs to create a complex patina on copper furniture.

Korean, b. 1981, Seoul, South Korea

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