Kyra Coates, ‘Luscious 37’, 2017, Infuse Gallery

This piece was created as a variation of a self-portrait. Every year I created a self-portrait on my birthday as a way to record how I looked, however what always appeared on the canvas was how I felt about myself, whether the critique was too skinny, too old, too something. "Luscious 37" was another such attempt but with the intention of creating just how I felt. Body image in society for women focuses on skinny, sexy, photoshopped, perfect. Luscious 37 is voluptuous and unapologetically self-accepting. In the painting I included photographs of my actual body parts, such as my eyes and nipples, to represent this literal representation of my self-image. Giclee prints on canvas and paper available.

"The Silence Is Over" exhibition, Infuse Gallery, Denver, 2017

About Kyra Coates

American, b. 1979, Mission Viejo, CA, United States, based in Longmont, CO, United States